Comfort first!


Many patients toy with the idea of having their teeth fixed

SiroLaser Blue


There are several benefits of using dental diode lasers over conventional methods of treatment.

Starting Afresh!


Treating patients is a professional affair, however, there is a very big personal touch, which is not taught in textbooks

Missing Teeth


Are you missing many of your teeth

Lack of Faith and Overcoming Your Fears

9/2/2017 1

For some, dentistry is a sore point and not a topic of conversation

New Broom Sweeps Clean

8/2/2017 1

Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if your teeth were in pristine shape?

Addressing Complex Case Scenarios

7/1/2017 1

In today's dentistry, aesthetics are as important as functionality

Young and healthy with diseased teeth

6/2/2017 1

As dentists, we see all sorts of dental problems

Tooth Replacement due to Gum Disease

5/2/2017 1

Very often we are unaware of tooth or gum disease

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