Considered teeth whitening yet?


There are three main types of tooth whitening.

The cost of dental treatment


The cost of treatment is a determining factor to most patients. Very few patients do not look at the figure at the bottom of the page. What are the factors contributing towards this?

Multidisciplinary Dentistry


In complex cases, we need to pull from our expertise across multiple dental disciplines

Ensuring Quality of Dental Treatment


How do we ensure that the high quality of your dental treatment?

Improving your teeth


You might not major teeth problems but want a change, maybe to look better. Here are some things you can do to fix your teeth.

Fixing your teeth before your big day


When wedding bells start ringing and couples get engaged they immediately start thinking about wedding venues, honeymoons and also revamping their looks.

How to Decide on Dental Treatment


Patients head to dental clinics to fix their teeth or to get advice on their teeth. More often than not they have specific thoughts in mind.

Young and healthy with diseased teeth

6/2/2017 1

As dentists, we see all sorts of dental problems

Tooth Replacement due to Gum Disease

5/2/2017 1

Very often we are unaware of tooth or gum disease

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