It is everyone's dream to have a confident perfect smile with brilliant white teeth. Many fields of dentistry come into the equation. Treatment may include aesthetic metal-free restorations ranging from simple fillings, to complex tooth or implant supported crown and bridge restorations. Orthodontics is often used to straighten teeth. More often than not patients do not wish to wear braces so porcelain veneers are used as an alternative. The remaining teeth may be whitened with ZOOM laser tooth whitening or with the use of home-kits such as Day White or Nite white. The replacement of metal fillings with porcelain inlays or onlays is also an option using the in-house CEREC CAD CAM system. Patients may also wait for their crowns and veneers to be done in one appointment as the CEREC mills them there and then in the on-site laboratory.

Several case studies of patients may be viewed in this section. Case studies display before and after photographs of patients having undergone all forms of treatment. Each photograph explains what has been done showing the sequence of events as well as the initial cause for undergoing the treatment.

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