How to Decide on Dental Treatment


Patients approach their dentist quoting and demanding specific treatment regimes. The dentist then examines and proposes different treatments.

Have you considered teeth whitening yet?


It is important to know what products and methods are out there as many phony unprofessional methods of tooth whitening are for sale on the high street. These may seriously damage your teeth.

What contributes to the cost of dental treatment?


The cost of treatment is a determining factor to most patients. Today we break down that number down and tackle some myths.

Young and healthy with diseased teeth

6/2/2017 1

Children and young people can still have dental problems. Learn how to deal with them

Tooth Replacement due to Gum Disease

5/2/2017 1

Very often we are unaware of tooth or gum disease

Replacing a long lost tooth with a dental implant

3/2/2017 1

Replacing a long lost tooth with a more permanent solution is not always an easy task

What Happens If Dental Treatment Fails?

2/1/2017 1

Back in the day, not too long ago in fact, extracting teeth was common practice

Customised Dental Treatments

1/4/2016 1

While complaints stem from the same source, treatment may vary considerably and is customised per patient

Dentists meets Dental Technician


Dentists meets Dental Technician

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