Cost Of Treatment

Dental Treatment & relative Price:



Simple Extraction
Surgical Extraction
Surgical Removal of Impacted 3rd Molars

Surgical Apicectomy/Cyst removal/Supernumerary removals


Hystological investigation (outside lab)







Check-up visit Children/Adults +/- Prescription

Check -Up Visit With Prescription/Visit plus Small film





Scale and Polish/Oral Prophylaxsis/Airflow
Full Mouth Radiograph (OPG)
Bitewings+check up
Lateral Cephalometric X-ray£45€50
Cone Bone CT£110€125

Fillings Amalgam/Composite

Splinting Upper or lower anterior teeth

Temporary filling

Children fillings









Safe removal of Amalgam fillings &
 same day replacement to Composite fillings
Safe removal of Amalgam fillings &
 same day replacement to Porcelain/Inlays/Onlay/Crown
Same day CEREC- porcelain/inlay/onlay
Same day CEREC- veneer/crown
Cosmodent (white) fillings
£87-175€100 -200
Root Canal Treatment
Root Filling/Incisor/Canine
Root Dressing/Incisor/Canine£26€30
Endo Emergency-Incisor/Canine£26€30
Endo Emergency- Premolar£30€35
Endo Emergency- Molar£35€40
Rotary cleaning and shaping-Incisor/Canine£65€75
Rotary cleaning and shaping-Premolar£95€100
Rotary cleaning and shaping- Molar£120€125
Additional dressing- Incisor/Canine£26€30
Additional dressing -Premolar£30€35
Additional dressing- Molar£35€40
Rotary Endo Opturation-Incisor/Canine£65€75
Rotary Endo Opturation- Premolar£95€100
Rotary Endo Opturation - Molar£120€125
Rotary Re RCT- Incisor/Canine£65€75
Rotary Re RCT- Premolar£95€100
Rotary Re RCT- Molar£120€125
Endo Consultation£45€50

Repair without/with impression

Addition of  tooth  to denture with impression

Addition of flange to denture with impression

Addition of clasp to denture with impression

Tooth jewlery






€ 30/40





Tooth Whitening Zoom 1hr (laser)

Tooth whitening Zoom 1hr (laser)Single arch





Nightwhite tooth whitening, custom made trays (full mouth bleaching)£180€200
Tooth whitening Zoom +night white trays£350€400
Veneers-Composite (Per Unit) £260€ 300

Veneers -Porcelan (Per Unit)

Veneers -Press -Porcelain(Per Unit)





(Nobel Biocare) All-On-4/6 or Nobel Guide with immediate loading (per arch). Inclusive of CT Scans, immediate bridge, plus final metal porcelain bridge 4-6 months post-implant placement£12,258€14,000
Single Implant Nobel Biocare or Straumann
Inclusive of metal porcelain crown & Branmark (Crown included)
£1,600 -£1750€1,850 -2,000
Bonegraft Augmentation Bio-gide / Bio-oss(depends on volume of grafting materials consumed)
Crowns / Bridges Metal / Ceramic PFM (Per unit)£290€330
Crowns / Bridges Metal ceramic with post£350€400

Crowns / Bridges Metal ceramic with ceramic margin (Per unit)

Acrylic crown chair -side treatment

Acrylic crown Telio







Zirconia Crown with porcelain build up£394€450
Full Anatomical Zirconia Crown£394€450

Removable Prosthesis Complete Acrylic resin denture (complete denture per jaw)

Rebasing /relinig of FU or Fl denture





Removable Prosthesis Complete Acrylic resin denture with cobalt chromium metal framework (complete denture per jaw)£481€550
Removable Prosthesis Partial Acrylic resin denture (per jaw) (price depends on number of teeth replaced)£130 - £350€150 - €400

Orthodontic Consultation

Orthodontic consultation with OPG  radiograph





Prices in sterling might vary due to rate changes. Discounts are offered for multiple procedures.

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