This section is totally dedicated to implant-related dentistry. This includes the replacement of single and multiple missing teeth as well as full arch (maxilla or mandible) or full mouth (maxilla and mandible) rehabilitation programmes. Cases may also include bone grafting, flapless surgery including use of surgical guides and computer aided implant planning (Nobel Guide) as well as sinus lifting for large bone augmentations. Full arch cases may either be restored with fixed implant-borne bridgework or removable implant supported dentures.


Single Tooth Implants

Partial Implant Bridges

Full Arch Implant Bridges

Implant Retained Dentures


Zirconium Implants 

Some implants are manufactured out of metal-free zirconia. These implants are increasing in popularity due to patients not wishing any metal inserted in their body. 10 years ago the zirconium implant failures were quiet high and zirconium implants were considered a no-go area. Today results have improved and success rates increased allowing the safe confident placement of zirconium implants

Immediate Loading

In some cases and with some types of implants teeth may be immediately loaded onto the newly inserted implants on the day. Special implants surfaces like SLA Active surfaces found on SLA Active Straumann implants, allow rapid healing of the bone-implant interface. In cases with single implants, crowns are kept free of any biting forces by relieving them from hitting the opposing tooth during their healing period. The main advantage is to allow an aesthetic temporary crown restoration to fill the missing tooth. This technology may also be utilized in restoring multiple teeth to full arch implant bridges. Precautions must obviously be taken and patients must be careful what food to eat, but if implants are splinted together the sharing of the biting load will be distributed during the healing phase encouraging healing and allowing use from the first day of implant insertion.


This concept of placing 4-6 implants in each arch and immediately loading them with 12-14 teeth has been a success story for over 10 years. Pioneered by Dr.Paulo Malo, the All-on-4/6 concept involves placing 4 to 6 implants in the jaw and subsequently loading them with a screw-retained 12-tooth provisional bridge. This provisional bridge is then converted to the final fixed prosthesis after 3-6 months.

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