Mr Pierre Zammit

Dental Technician

I have been in the profession of Dental Technologist for a good 33 years. After that I received my formation both at the U.O.M. and later at Dentallabor Kock Gmbh, in their subsidiary Lab they had opened in Malta. There, I specialised in the line of Chrome Cobalt removable appliances in all their varieties and application. Further studies took me overseas to specialise in combination work, and locally to keep up with modern trends and updated systems relevant to my line of operation.

My long standing service to the profession linked me to the local Association of dental technologist, the M.D.T.A., of which I am currently the Segretary , and which I represent overseas as it's delegate within the european federation, the F.E.P.P.D.

I love my work for the continuous challenge, it offers me in producing each and every custom made appliance, which is a combination of creativity and technical solutions for the benefit of the end user, the patient.

My sideline interests in life are the arts in general, history of Malta, and wingshooting, which is a viable respite to the long hours at the lab, offering me direct contact with nature locally and abroad with the added benefit of learning other languages to live the experiences to the full.

Mr Bogdan Milkov Dyulgerov

Dental Technician

Bogdan has been working as a dental technician for 28 years.  He graduated from Varna Medical College in Bulgaria.  Bogdan has gained experience working with different types of porcelain, Co-Cr frameworks, Captec technology, press-to-metal techniques .  In 2005 He started working with the first CAD-CAM system, and has been working with it ever since.  Today he has the pleasure to apply his skill and expertise through his work in the advanced dental laboratory as part of the Demajo Dental Clinics.  In his free time he enjoys painting and sculpting.

Mr Ioannis  Varonos

Dental Technician

Ioannis is from Greece and he is working as a dental technician for  24 years. He graduated from Athens University Dental Technology in 1996. Since then he worked on some of the best laboratories in Greece. In 2003 he went to Germany to practice in all-ceramic. In 2004 he opened in Greece his own dental laboratory in wich he was dealing with all kinds of implant fixed and removable prostetics, crowns and procelain bridges, dentures, hybrid and overlapping implant restorations. In 2019 he moved in Malta to work at Drs Demajo Dental Clinics on all additional works of porcelain and on the CAD-CAM system.

In his free time he likes to do spearfishing and travel in the Greek Islands.

Mr Manuel Farinati

Dental Technician

Manuel is a dental techcnician from Mirano, Italy.  He came to Malta in 2004 to work as a dental technician and has been working with Drs Demajo Dental Clinics for 5 years.  In his free time he enjoys spear fishing.

Ms Margit Rebane

Dental Technician Assistant

I am from Estonia which is a small country at the Baltic sea where people are friendly and hard-working. I studied in Tallinn medical School. I loved medicine and worked as a nurse for ten years. While still working at Tallin Central Hospital,  I returned to medical school to study dental technology.

I am very lucky that I had opportunity to start working at 1994 in estonia's best dental laboratory with best masters there were in Estonia. Eventually I started my own business. Because of a wide range of my skills, I was sought after by many doctors in Estonia and Finland. I love travelling. To make me travels more exiting, I learned to dive. diving became my passion. And now I have reached Divemaster's qualification.

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